Monday, April 23, 2012

Initial musings on the New Aesthetic

Over the last three days, I've been exploring "The New Aesthetic", an art movement exploring the technologically enabled novelty. My introduction to NA was Bruce Sterling's essay on NA, which I recommend you read immediately.

The New Aesthetic, coined by James Bridle, states that "One of the core themes of the New Aesthetic has been our collaboration with technology, whether that’s bots, digital cameras or satellites (and whether that collaboration is conscious or unconscious)". Is there a distinct line between technology as a tool vs. technology as a collaborator? Is the NA limited only to computer enabled tech? What makes the NA different than all those before us? Or is NA just a fad? The New Aesthetic Tumbler is proof that something unique is there, is happening right now, and offers insightful views into our culture.

I've already found NA useful within my own art work. I'm currently working on a project (photo-prints of buildings, public streets, overlaid with graffiti) exploring the tension between advertising and street-art.

What would the real-world look like if current online advertising technology was applied visually to the street? What would the ADmented reality look like beyond fugly “Star-trek glasses”?

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